how do i log in without password?



How can i log into a PC without knowign the password?
my daughter has gone away on a school trip and we want to use her laptop.
Unfotunatley she didnt tell us her password and i cant see another way of
logging in.
Is this possible with Vista Home?

Puppy Breath

If she didn't password-protect the Administrator account, you could probably
log into that account through Safe Mode. Then maybe remove her password or
create a new user account for yourself. Don't know, haven't tried it.

Other than that, you may have to ask her for the password.


Thanks, for that - i noticed it gives u a clue to the password and managed to
guess what she;d used from that :)

thanks for your help anyway

Ronnie Vernon MVP

If she has an administrator account, you cannot even log in to the default
administrator account, in safe mode.

You will need to ask her for the password.

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