ION Turntable won't hook up

Mar 4, 2015
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Bought a new Dell 3847 Windows 8.1 computer. Won't see my ION USB turntable. The audio driver for my computer listed and recommended by Dell is ODDJYH_WN_6.O.1.7016_A00.EXE. It won't load...fails every time.
Dell took over computer by remote and couldn't load it either. Was told I might want to dump my system and go with Windows 7. That's really not what I want to do with a new computer. Was told 'apparently your system is not compatible with the device you want to use'. It's a USB turntable. How difficult can this be for cripes sake.
RealTek lists the same driver for my computer but not for Windows 8.1...but for Windows 7.
Hook turntable (I've had it for years) up to my wife's laptop. It's a year old Gateway updated to Windows 8.1. Turntable works fine.
Why does Dell list a driver for my computer that won't load?
Why does RealTek show the same driver but not for Windows 8.1?
Through this whole process I've downloaded and ran a few Dell updates and recommended chipsets etc. Could I have loaded them in the wrong order? Could that possibly be the problem?
Using USB turntable is really important to me. I can't believe a new computer can't seem to handle it.


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Mar 5, 2002
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Have you tried 'comparability mode' or drivers from ION direct ?

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