Installing Service Pack 4 for windows 2000 professional



I'm having problems installing service pack 4 for Windows
2000 Professional. During the installation process
this message came up "estimating space for
installation..." After this message the next message
popped up:
Service Pack 4 Setup Error
An error in updating you system has occurred.

I've disabled anti-virus software. The space required for
this installation is:
with backup folder 340MB
(the backup folder allows one to delete the service pack
4 program after its installation)
without backup folder 165MB

Any help would be appreciated.


These are the problems we have seen so far that may be Service Pack 4 related:

1. Make sure that you restart the computer immediately after installing this service pack! If you install the service pack without restarting the computer, Excel spreadsheets will appear blank and many other programs will not function. Problem seems to correct itself after restart.

2. This service pack puts in the same roaming profile security setting as Windows XP Service Pack 1, which does not like one of our settings on the server. Disable this feature using the Group Policy Editor on all machines this service pack is installed on!

3.This service pack blew away the server’s ability to become a domain controller. This was due to it changing the default size of an FRS journal file to over 500 MB (a change that could only be removed by uninstalling the service pack). Since this journal file could not be created, FRS could not replicate and could not become a domain controller.

4. Installing this service pack wiped out my Application log under Event Viewer. Once again, this service pack may not be one that should be installed!

As of July 11, 2003, all further installation of Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 was halted. THE SERVERS NTFRS service was totally corrupted by this service pack drastically increasing the default size of a journal file, and I am going to wait for articles to come out detailing any other problems with this service pack. So far, all the people in the field I have talked with say this service pack causes nothing but problems. I removed this service pack from The server on July 14, 2003, which fought me because it said I did not have enough space to restore the Service Pack 3 files.

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