Installation of HP P1006 makes my USB ports not work with my cardreader



I have successfully had HP printers on my desktop dell PC for years.
I recently purchased a new printer (P1006), and installed it according
to instructions. As soon as I installed it, my USB ports no longer
worked for external drives and card readers (either the USB ports
don't recognize the drives at all, or they recognize them, work very
slowly, and then act as tho the drive is unplugged).

If I uninstall the printer and delete all the drivers, and I can once
again use my card reader. I reinstall the printer, and I can no
longer use the card reader. I have repeated this several times, and
it is clear that something about installing the printer makes the USB
ports not work. I have also done extensive troubleshooting of the
card reader (it works on other PCs, other card readers have the same
problem on the PC when the printer is attached, I have tried USB ports
both in the back and the front of the PC, and I have swapped out cords
and cards....the problem still only occurs on this one PC when the
printer is attached). I am running Windows XP.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Are your printer drivers ver 6.0? Have you tried to see if there are
updated drivers for the card reader?
Do you have the correct USB controller & port drivers installed for your
motherboards chip set, and are they up to date?

The printer status monitor software may be part of the problem. (At
various times, I've had to turn off or defeat this module on various printer
makes & models)
Current drivers are at:

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