Installation and Network paths



When I run the installation for the defender, the program goes to the first
screen that has computing space requirements. A pop-up with the header
Windows Defender Installation Information, with the text, "Could not access
network location \\path". It gives me the option to retry or cancel. Since
I'm not on that network anymore, I click cancel. The install then tells me
it could not access the location, and when I click okay, the installation
wizard gives me an installation error: The wizard was interrupted before
defender was installed. System has not been modified. To complete
installation, run set-up again.

When trying to install at another time, I continue to get the same error
message. Why would the wizard be trying to pull a network location rather
than install on the hard drive? Any assistance or work around would be great
so I can install defender.

Bill Sanderson MVP

If you go to a command prompt, and type

net use

and hit enter, does it show network connections? If so, at that same
command prompt do:

net use * /d

and hit enter. This should remove any phantom connections. See whether
that's enough to allow the install to work correctly.

I don't have an answer to why the installer is doing this--but this seems
worth trying.

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