incorrect user session


Mike Abrahamson

I had a user borrow another user's laptop yesterday (Win XP Pro). He
connected it to his docking station and used the other user's domain account
to log onto the network. Today the laptop's user is back and using her
system on her own docking station. She logs into it using her domain
account just fine. Here's the strange thing - she cannot open her home
folder or her exchange mailbox - both errors say she doesn't have
permissions. When I check the active sessions on the server in that office
(Win 2000 DC) it displays her co-worker as the connected user from her IP
even though she is logged in with her domain account! Why in the world is
it showing his user name as the connected session on the domain controller
when she is logged in with her domain account? I have tried deleting and
re-adding her computer to the domain but that didn't solve anything. PLEASE




Tim Springston \(MSFT\)

Hi Mike-

I wonder if XP is caching the other user's credentials. To check, when
logged in as the affected user type the command below in Start->Run to bring
up the Credential Manager:

control keymgr.dll

Bottom line is that you should be able to remove the current entry to that
resource, allowing the correct user to type her ceredntials in once again.

Here's the entire KB article which discusses this.

281660 Behavior of Stored User Names and Passwords

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