IEAK 6 and Proxy



Hi folks,

I have a little bit of a problem with "automatically detect settings"
feature on IE6. I have .ins and .cab proxy script file I created with
Microsoft IEAK6. Nothing fancy in the config, as I mainly use it for
assigning proxy only.

Below is the situation:
1. Server is Windows Server 2003 SE running DHCP with option 252 for the
auto proxy
2. Client is running Windows XP Professional SP2, running IE6
3. IE auto proxy caching is disabled via Group Policy
4. IE "automatic detect settings" is enabled via Group Policy

When the script is already deployed, everything works fine, I can access all
sites without any problem. However, only when the Group Policy is initially
applied, when I run IE, it cannot connect to anything. I check the
configuration, I can see that the setting is already deployed exactly like it
is configured on the script. I try accessing a few different sites, none is
working. I try refreshing, it does not do any better. But if I close IE, run
it again, bingo.. everything is working from this time onwards.

I test it on a different workstation, it has exactly the same problem.

Any clues?

Thanks heaps!

Jon Kennedy

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