IE7 restarting in Outlook Web Access




Not sure if I should post this here or on the SBS or IE forums. But I have
a new Dell D830 laptop with Vista Ultimate. I took it home the other night
and connected to our Exchange Server via OWA with IE7. I tried to reply to a
message and when I completed typing the message and hit "send", IE went not
responding and restarted and didn't send my message. I tried this several
times with the same result.
I have a XP machine at home also, connected to OWA withIE7 and was able to
send with no problems. Anyone else having this problem? General web
browsing with IE7 seemed to work fine.




first, depending on what version of Exchange Server your company uses there
is a patch for Exchange 2003 your IT can apply to make it more "Vista

To use OWA without issues, I either have to right click IE and select "run
as administrator", or use firefox browser. Others at my company claim they
use OWA with vista without problem, but that's what works for me.

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