Owa & Vista



There is a lot to find about Owa and Windows Vista about the dhtml control.
We use in our company mainly Vista but it would be good to also use Owa with
Vista. Our Echange server has not the latest updates, but i have read on the
internet that even the patch is installed there are still compatibility
problems (crashed) also after installing the Mime.

Therefore before i install the patch i would like to know:

After the patch installed on the Exchange server: how can i know that the
WIndows XP sp2 client can use OWa exactly the same as before the update? We
don't have a test envirement of Exchange..

I can use Firefox instead of IE7 but then i don't see all my folders from
outlook. With IEtab i do but is that good because ietab makes use of IE so...

Some people say that if you choose to use Owa within ie7 to start in basic
mode everything is fine, but how can i choose basic mode? i cannot find it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark L. Ferguson

Basic mode for IE is available in several ways. The easiest is the icon in
Start/accessories/system tools/ Internet Explorer(No Add Ons)

Without a test environment for your Exchange Server setup, you are not going
to be able to find that combination off available tools that would work for
you. Your first step is going to have to be to institute some good backup

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Mark L. Ferguson MS-MVP


So i cannot test it and i don't now if the Windows XP Sp2 clients will work

But when i start IE7 in Vista Bussines without the addons en go to our OWA
site IE cannot load the folder content. He keeps saying: waiting when i click
on the mailbox in for example. What can this be?

I would like to make it possible with IE to make OWA working correctly but
do not want to loose the option to work with OWA with WindowsXP.

Mark L. Ferguson

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