IE6 - problem reading MHT files?



Since upgrading to XP-SP2 it seems that sometimes when writing an MHT file,
result is not usuable by IE6. Word can open the MHT file and display, but
gives a page not found error, and the URL looks goofy. Word opens the same
no problem. It only happens on some pages. Older MHT files written before
SP2 (and which were opened correctly back then) now also sometimes cause IE6
display a page not found error and the goofy URL, so it appears to be a IE6
problem. Word opens them correctly.

Shortening the page title before saving seems to sometimes help.

Anyone know of problem report, status, fix, etc?

-- Tom


I have this problem too,

recently i installed SP2, after it, when I save persian webpages with MHT
format, then I can't read them :(( it shows me lot's of unreadable charactors
in English
(but english pages are Ok,)


when I open that file with microsoft word 2003, It's Ok, all the tables and
fonts are Ok

I don't know what's wrong with it? and how can i fixed it

help me please

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