Doubleclick on *.mht file: IntExp opens as a tiny window. How to open with "normal" size ?


Tobias Merler

When I doubleclick on *.mht files (which I copied from another computer) then the web page inside
is opened but with a tiny size. When I enlarge the IntExp 6 window, close and re-open it
then it is opened in the previous "correct" size.

It seems to me that WinXP looks at the last size stored for (in) this particular *.mht file
and use it for opening. Because these *.mht files are not created on the local computer but on another
these diemension infos are not available and WinXP opens them in the default small size.

Is there a way to either
- change IntExp default size for opening "new" *.mht web pages?
- to change the initial window dimensions in each *.mht file directly (in this case I could
walk through all *.mht files and search and replace these siez information by a good replace tool).

BTW: When I click on the IntExp icon on the desktop everything is fine.
Int Exp opens with a blank page in the "correct" size. So this cannot be the problem.


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