IE6 new window causes old window to close



Greetings all, I'm experiencing some difficulty with IE6. Whenever i click on
a link within any website the parent window closes once the child window has
started, almost like an instantaneous switch from the previously active
window to the window that is created by me clicking on the link. This also
happens if I try to open more than one internet explorer window by clicking
the IE icon on my start button or if I click on a link and tell it to open in
a new window. I've scanned my laptop with Norton Antivirus 2006 and spyware
scaners. The IE version information is
version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519 running on windows XP with
SP2 installed. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as to how i might
go about fixing this problem. Thank you in advance. DEP

Alan Edwards

Have you tried this?
Tools-Internet Options-Advanced.
Uncheck "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts"

If that is not the problem, then perhaps it is a toolbar you have
Try removing extra toolbars, in particular, the Yahoo toolbar.


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