I close IE 6 (XP) window but process is still running?



I open IE 6 on XP, browse, close window and when computer complains or lags
because it's 1GB Ram is depleted, I look at the processes running and there
are about 25 IEXPLORER.EXEs running. Can anyone tell me why this might be
happening - why Internet Explorer is not shutting down completely.

The complete version is 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519

Thanks in advance.


try running sfc /scannow to see if there is corruption there. Check in
Tools/Manage Add Ons.
Disable any unknown browser extentions.

Jan Il

Hi Dude :)

This is a fairly well known issue, and usually cased by some form of
scumware on your system. Try the following and see if it helps:

Dealing with Unwanted Spyware and Parasites:

Download and install HiJackThis:

How to download and install HiJackThis: Win 98-XP

Please…DO NOT post your log HiJackThis log to this newsgroup. It is
important that you go to one of the HiJackThis Support Forums below and
allow the experts there to analyze it for you.:
AumHa HiJackThis Forum
HJT - CastleCops
to allow the experts there to evaluate your log and advise you of any
necessary steps to clean your system.
(Note: You will have to Register before posting on these Forums. Please
follow all posting instructions carefully to avoid having your log deleted
or ignored.

Please post a link back here to the forum where you post your HJT log.

Hope this helps.

Jan :)
MS MVP/Windows - Internet Explorer
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