IE6 hangs on popups


Peter Croft

I am using IE6 under XP to access an application which has instances on
several company servers. On most of the instances it works fine but on one
IE6 hangs during the login process, at a point where the main page and frame
have appeared but a subsidiary frame has not. I can access the instance fine
on a machine running w2k and my colleagues can access it using XP.
I think the application is using popups at the point where it hangs.
Originally I was blocking popups; then I added in the IP address of the
problem server to skip that; finally I stopped the blocking of popups all
The only difference I can see between the instances on my PC is the fact
that I put its IP address in the popup "don't block" list.
Any suggestions please?
Thanks in advance.
Peter Croft

Rob ^_^

Hi Peter,

Are there any other Add-on toolbars installed that have popup blocking
features? Make sure that these popup blockers are switched off as they can
interfer with the built-in IE popup blocker.


Peter Croft

I don't think so. I am running AVG 7.5 Internet Security but it doesn't seem
to have a pop-up blocker.
Apart from that I can't see anything.
I wonder if it's a bug in IE6.

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