IE will not open after a new install



I am running ie6, sp2, recently had a few problems, none now, worked out
with your techs on line. I am trying to re install a program called Trlokom,
good program, runs in ie bar, I have had it for 3 years no problem , cannot
get it to install,when I run the install, ie is supposed to be opened after
install and this program opens in ie. IE will not open so tah I can register
program, browser just shuts down, cannot open ie, when I uninstall this
program, then I can go on line again. I have tried turning off McAfee
products, no go, even un installed spybot and spyblaster, no change. Why is
ie shut down? Considered installing Firefox to see if it would install there.
I was told that I only needed one browser so I have never considered
installing another. Can you help?

Rob ^_^

Hi qc,

Try going to the Trlokom web site and downloading and installing the latest
version of the toolbar. You may have to do this by entering there web site
in the Address bar of the task bar (it seems that the toolbar install has
set up a run-once program to navigate to their web site for registration
each time IE is started)

Obviously this is not a browser problem, but a problem with the third-party
add-in, so perhaps you may find better advice from their support url.


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