IE 6 Help please!!



My mother in law has just called and she is having trouble using IE6.
Everytime she tried to open it it brings up a debug box (bear with me as I
haven't actually seen this problem myself!) and says something about a Flash
Macromedia add-on causing a problem and IE cannot start, send a report etc

I talked her through a safe mode stat up and in Tools/Progs/Manage add-ons
told her to find the add-on in the list and select disable, now this is the
weird bit. She says because it is in safe mode everything is large
including the add-on box and the bottom half runs off the screen so she
cannot get to the disable button at the bottom. I am baffled as what to
tell her.

Anyone know how to switch off add-ons without using safe mode? Remember she
cannot do it through IE because it crashes everytime she starts it.

I have IE7 and there is an option to start IE7 without Add-ons through
Start/All Programs/Accessories/System tools... but this option doesn't seem
to be on her PC.

We also looked in 'Services' and 'Add and remove progs' but cannot see this
add-on anywhere!

Cheers guys for any help!


PA Bear

Have her open Internet Options via Start > Settings > Control Panel.

On the General tab, ask her to select a blank home-page by clicking on the
USE BLANK button, then OK her way out.

Doese IE6 open OK now?

Alan Edwards

Why safe mode?
Why not use Control Panel-Internet Options-Programs-Manage add-ons ?



Alan Edwards said:
Why safe mode?
Why not use Control Panel-Internet Options-Programs-Manage add-ons ?


Now I feel really stupid :-(

Thanks Alan that should sort it if Flash Macromedia is in that list.


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