I need to install Virus software On the Terminal Server



I have a windows 2000 server running T.M. application mode with lots of apps
loaded and users using it. I recently discovered that we did not install
Virus protection on the server. I would like to install Symantec 10.00 on
it. I am being told by Symantec in order to install Virus protection, my
server needs to be remote admin mode. If I reinstall Terminal server in
remote admin mode, so I can install Anitvirus program, am I going to loose
the configuration of all the programs that it is installed and all the
profiles of my users? Also would I be able to reinstall terminal server back
to application mode and continue working as nothing happened? Also if an
application is installed in a remote admin mode and than I install TM in
application mode would my application would stop working for my local users?
advance thanks for your answers.

Vera Noest [MVP]

If Symantec still has that requirement in version 10, I would use a
different anti-virus product, or re-install the server from scratch
with Symantec installed before you switch to Application Server

Toggling between TS modes after you have installed user
applications is most likely going to give you major problems.
Vera Noest
MCSE, CCEA, Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server
TS troubleshooting: http://ts.veranoest.net
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