Hyperlinks in Word change when sent in Outlook



I am using Word 2003 SP2. I have a Word doc with hyperlinks to files in
subfolders. These hyperlinks use the complete pathname to the target files.
The following describes what happens when I attempt to mail (via Outlook),
copy, or open the Word doc.

The following describes what happens when I move/mail the Word doc file:
A. When I attempt to mail the Word doc through Outlook the hyperlinks are
somehow changed to point to the C:\ drive rather than to the shared drive
where the original files reside.
B. When I copy the original Word doc to a different drive. The hyperlink
pathnames become relative pathnames.
C. When I keep the original Word doc file on the same drive or folder in
which it was created the hyperlinks remain good.

Does anyone know what's happening here? How can I ensure that the Word doc
retains the original hyperlink pathnames once it is moved/mailed.



Here's what I've done, though it takes a bit of work. I used My Computer to
locate the files I wanted to create hyperlinks to and copied the
pathname\filename into the Address: field of the Insert Hyperlink popup.
With an explicit pathname\filename reference in this field the links remain.

Does anyone know of an easier way to accomplish this?

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