Pasting Hyperlinks in Office 2007 - Word and Excel



I am having trouble using feature "paste hyperlink" in 2007.

When I paste a Word or Excel 07 hyperlink, it paste a link such as:

C:\Documents and Settings\tcm\Desktop\Docs\wordnospaces.docx#_Hlk237157493

C:\Documents and Settings\tcm\Desktop\Docs\nospaces.xlsx#Sheet1!B6

However, these hyperlinks dont work, because they contain a "#" - according
to knowledgebase article:

My problem is I am not putting the # in - the program is doing it!

In 2003 the links pasted the same - ie:

C:\Documents and Settings\tcm\Desktop\Docs\word2003.doc#_Hlk237158147

however link worked!


any comments or suggestions?

thank you for reading and/or helping!

Jay Freedman

First, you're misreading the KnowledgeBase article. What that says is that the #
character can't be _part of the filename_ of the file you want to link to. In
the location you showed it, the # character is after the filename, at the end of
the .docx or .xlsx extension and preceding the bookmark or cell reference within
the file. That is a valid construction.

Second, when you insert a link to a bookmark or cell, you'll see an address
containing the # character as the visible hyperlink, and also in the Address box
of the Edit Hyperlink dialog. However, if you right-click the hyperlink in the
document and choose Toggle Field Code, you should see that Word has actually
inserted a field such as

{HYPERLINK "C:\Documents and Settings\tcm\Desktop\Docs\wordnospaces.docx" \l


{HYPERLINK "C:\Documents and Settings\tcm\Desktop\Docs\nospaces.xlsx" \l

If your copy of Word is behaving differently, please post the content of the
field code that you see.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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