How to use windows XP on other PC, without new Key or windows...


Country Pumpkin

Ok, How to use windows Xp on another PC without buying another
Window software

With your present windows operating system

Step 1- Open the windows ;c drive click on windows
Then click on windows , system32 folder.

Step 2 - From your PC , system32 folder, copy WPA.DBL and
WPA.BAK , and the WPA.baln file
from the folder, send to a floppy.

Step 3- Now the PC that you have reformated, needs activation.
Don't worry about the Register part, just activate.
Use the same windows operating recovery disk as you have on the
other PC.

Step 4- Now, Boot the Pc that you have reformated , hit f8 to
boot into safe-mode.
If you get to safe mode, open your windows files, system32 folder,
with your floppy, insert it, then
copy and paste your 3 files you have on the floppy from your
other PC.
Place these file in the folder in the same place as they were
in the other PC.

Step 5- Close it out, now your going to reboot again, but it will
go to normal windows.( Restart)

Step 6- When you see that the pop-up box aking you to register and
activate, go and activate it online
Past the register part, just activate it now. It should go right
to finish with activation.
"But you made need to enter the key once. Only if it ask."

Note , this only worked on my Laptop, so keep that in mind.

Sean Liming \(eMVP\)

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