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I installed windows defender several days ago and I am confused about how to
update. I have windows automatic updates turned off. Defender is set to
update before my daily scan. However, it does not update. If I try the
help "check for updates," nothing happens. I can update manually by going
to .

Is there a method to update within the program without using windows



Hello David,

Suggest you set Automatic Updates to: Notify me but don't automatically
download or install them. . You can check/change these settings from the
Automatic Updates tab from the System control panel ªpplet

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.

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Hello Engel,

Thanks for the answer. However, if that is the only way, I will pass. I
prefer using Microsoft update on update Tuesdays. Other programs either
push their update like avast or allow updating within the program like
adaware and spybot.


Bill Sanderson

You can use Microsoft update when you want to update Defender. That will
give you full control over what you choose to install and when.

The issue then becomes how you are made aware of the availability of an
update. One method is to watch the Signatures or announcements group here.

You should know that the manual method of updating via the portal link you
mention has strengths--those definitions are always the very latest--and are
often ahead of those distributed via Automatic Update or Microsoft Update.
However, they are also larger downloads because they are full file updates,
rather than incremental.

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