how to send a fax during a voice call

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Roberto Corrêa

Hi all,

Many fone numbers are conected to a fax machine too. So, most times I need
to call the number and ask for the fax signal so that i can send my fax. The
problem is that I can´t send a Word document, for example, when the fax
signal is given. I need to end my voice call and fone it again with the fax
wizard. And sometimes, the fax machine isn´t in automatic mode: when I send
the fax, the other side answers "Hello ?" and the fax modem try to
estabilish a connection without success´s a big problem...

So, Is there a way to send the fax, during a voice call, without ending it

Thanks a lot


Hal Hostetler [MVP S/U]

You can do this by connecting a phone to the "Phone" jack on the modem (so
you have manual voice access to the telephone line) and setting your modem
to NOT wait for a dial tone. You call the manual, operator controlled fax
machine number with the telephone. You have your fax ready to send with a 1
or 2 digit FALSE phone number. You then tell the Fax Machine operator to
press his "Start" button as soon as he hears your short, false phone number
finish dialing. Your modem should "blind dial" the false number, the two
modems should begin their negotiation sequence, and finish the transmission.

This method is very similar to what you'd do with two Fax Machines; the
sending end would call the receiving end with the handset attached to his
Fax Machine, the receiving operator would answer on his handset, and both
ends press their "Start" buttons.

Hal Hostetler, CPBE -- (e-mail address removed)
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