what would YOU prefer a fax machine or an internet fax service?

May 6, 2009
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Hello to everyone!

Here is why I prefer Internet Fax Service to a fax machine.

Since the email has appeared, fax machines began to be used more and more rarely.

The brilliant idea is that the same mean which made fax unpopular made it popular again. Fax is used again, because of its combination with Internet. Internet Fax transmission includes the benefits offered by both technologies:

* No fax machine ->no paper, toner, repairs, fax line ... expend.

* Privacy -> all the faxes are received directly into the user's account.

* Mobility -> account management is done on a web interface base, which can be accessed worldwide only through a simple Internet connection.

* Faxing has a big priority toward emailing in the businessmen’s vision; it is legalized in most developed countries as an official document.

Everything is very simple, such as sending an e-mail. All you need is to open a user account by creating an username and password on the Internet Fax provider website. Thus, to send fax to any destination, the customers have to login, insert the destination number and file to be sent and fax it, that’s all.

if you have more questions about fax to email, please don't hesitate to visit FAQ from the site's webpage.

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