Fax service print monitor has failed to submit the fax


Bob Fleischer

The Send Fax Wizard, when used from an application to print to the fax
queue, is failing consistently on my computer. Sometime I get the following
application event error entry (but most of the time none):
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Microsoft Fax
Event Category: Outbound
Event ID: 32090
Date: 3/26/2008
Time: 10:09:15 AM
User: N/A
Computer: HP119NASHUA
The Fax service print monitor has failed to submit the fax.

The following error occurred: 4.
This error code indicates the cause of the error.

Sender Machine Name: \\HP119NASHUA.
Sender User Name: fleischer.
Sender Name: <sender>
Subject: .
Recipient name: <name>
Recipient number: <number>
Number of Recipients: 15.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

(The Help and Support Center offers no help, by the way.)

The net effect seems to be that I can submit a fax to one or two recipient
destinations at a time, but the rest if there are more do not show up in the
fax queue.

I have removed and re-installed the XP fax service; I have deleted and
re-created the fax printer and queue; I have re-installed the modem.
Everything was working fine on this system with no changes and then this

My guess is that something like registry corruption keeps the Send Fax
Wizard from completing properly (there is a brief flash at the end of a
small message box window -- it appears to be empty). It no longer remembers
settings (such as cover page) from invocation to invocation.


Bob Fleischer

Given that the only user documentation for XP Fax says "You can send a fax
to single or multiple recipients", I find that hard to believe.

(On the other hand I can believe that by virtue of Microsoft's lengthy
end-user license agreement, they really aren't legally obligated to support
any particular function of the software. You're probably right in that sense.)


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Microsoft has always imagined that it's fax module can send to multiple
recipients. End users know this is a delusion and always has been.

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