How to restore Camera and Scanner Wizard window?



I used to thransfer digital photos through the USB 'E' Drive. When I used to
do that a window would pop up from the camera and scanner wizard on Windows
XP that allowed me to choose the application and destination. Somehow I made
it open Word 2003 every time and I guess I clicked the box that makes it
choose that action every time and it no longer asks what I would like to do.
How can I restore the original action? That is, how can I undo the change?
I tried the properties tap and auto play tab on 'My Computer'. That did not
work. And I can not go back far enough in time on the system restore for some
reason so that I can undo this change.
Does anyone know how i can restore the original setting that allows the
camera and scanner window to come up when I connect the canera to transfer
photos to my pictures file?


Right click on a photo
Click on Open with on the opening menu
Click on Choose program at the bottom of the opening list

Click on Windows Picture and Fax Viewer on the opening list
Check the box "Always use..." in that window.


Sorry for the previous post. Not the correct answer. With your camera
connected to your computer:
What you want to do is:
1. Open My Computer
2. Under Devices with removable storage, right click on the device you want
(your camera listed there) and click on Properties
3. On the opening window, click on the Autoplay tab and then Actions you
want to perform.


I'm having a similar problem with a camera that has transfered using the
wizard fine for over a year. I tried your tip below and it still seems to
not work. Any ohter thoughts or ideas?


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