How to Make Figure and Table Captions of Different Chapter Levels


Shawn Storey

I am developing a documment that has figures in both the main body and the
appendix at the second level of indentation. The design of the template has
the second level of the main body (Heading 2) (e.g. 1.1, 3.5) and the second
level of the appendix (Heading 4) (e.g. A.1, B.3) as different heading styles.

When I set the figure captions for the body figures to include the heading
and chapter number at the "Heading Two" level, it reflects the chapters
correctly in the body. However, it also causes the appendix figures to
reflect the "Heading 2" level when I really want them to be at the "Heading
4" level.

Is there a way to make this separation so that I can have some of the figure
captions at the Heading 2 chapter level and some at the Heading 4 chapter
level as required and still be able to auto-update the figure numbers as

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