Caption numbering in chapters - Always 0 for chapter number




I am writing a PhD thesis and require some help numbering my figures and
tables. I use Word 2003 and would like Word to restart numbering of my
figures and tables after each chapter (NOTafter each section). For example,
captions of figures/tables in Chapter 1 should read Figure/Table 1.1, 1.2,
1.3, etc, and captions of figures/tables in Chapter 2 should appear as
Figure/Table 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and so on. I use the built-in Heading 1 style for

When I go through the Insert/Reference/Caption routine, the caption label
and numbering seem to be fine with the correct chapter and figure numbers (I
ticked the "Include chapter number" and assigned Heading 1 for "Chapter
starts with style" option).

So far so good! However, the problem is when I click OK after doing all of
these settings, for some reason the Chapter number field in the caption for
the desired figure/table does not appear correctly, rather it appears as "0"
instead of the correct chapter number and this happens in all chapters. For
example, Figure 1.4 in chapter 1 appears as Figure 0.4, Figure 2.6 appears as
Figure 0.6, etc. The same problem happens with tables.

Is there any suggestions to resolve this problem? Any help is greatly

Thank you

Haitham A. M. A.

Stefan Blom

Note that when you include chapter numbering with captions, Word actually
makes use of two fields: a SEQ field (for the caption number) preceded by a
STYLEREF field (which displays the number from the current heading of the
chosen level). When zero is being displayed, this usually indicates the
presence of a blank heading whose numbering is being suppressed. Make sure
that any blank paragraphs have Normal style applied; this should fix the
issue. An even better approach is to avoid blank paragraphs completely and
apply some Spacing Before or After to the relevant paragraphs (or paragraph

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