Numbering in Book Files



I am creating a tech manual where each chapter is its own file. I have
created an outline numbered list and saved the list in a template that I then
use to create the new chapters. However, I am finding that when I go into a
new chapter that the outline numbering does not pick up on the chapter
(Heading 1) number. For example:

Chapter 1: Heading 1 style
1.1: Heading 2 style
1.1.1: Heading 3 style, etc.

But when I start my next chapter, when I update the chapter number to start
at 2, I get this:

Chapter 2: Heading 1 style
1.1: Heading 2 style
1.1.1: Heading 3 style, etc.

I can't get that inital 1 in the outline numbering to change to 2. How can I
get the numbering to update and start with the Heading 1 number?



Nevermind, I just got it... I went into the Define New Multilevel List option
and selected Start At 2 for Heading 1, and the other headings fell
appropriately in line.

If this is not the best practice for changing the outline numbering, please
let me know. Thanks!

Suzanne S. Barnhill

This is emphatically not the best practice. You should instead use Heading 1
for the chapter number ("Chapter 2"), and then your subordinate numbered
heads will fall in line.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA


A new and curious thing just happened to me... when I updated my headings in
the document (highlighted and pressed F9), an alphanumeric string appeared at
the front of the text... not in the heading numbering itself, just at the
front of the text. This numbering repeated in some of the following headings,
but not all. The numbering was something like 2BU. It looked like this:

1. 3BUHeading Text
1.1 Heading Text (normal)
1.1.1 31BUHeading Text

I displayed my field codes to see if I had anything coded weird in there,
but there was nothing. I can delete the text no problem and then when I press
F9 again, it does not reappear.

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