Two multilevel lists in one document



I am writing my PhD thesis in Word 2007. I thought I need two multilevel
lists in my document. One is for chapters and the other for appendices (I
need multilevel list to add captions with chapter number, e.g. chapter figure
Figure 1-2 and equations in appendix Equation A-1). I have successfully
finisehd the former and have difficulties with the latter.

Here is what I've done:
I have manually applied the styles to the document:
chapter title: heading 1
section title: heading 2
subsection title: heading 3
Then I add a multilevel list to the document and (after a few changes of
multilevel ist) Word 2007 works as I expected.
Chapter 1
.... and so on

Now I need another multilevel list for appendix which should look like
Appendix A
Appendix B
.... and so on

But when I add a multilevel list and set the style, all numberings of
chapters change from:
Chapter 1


Appendix A

Any suggestions?


I've read the page of link you provided and did not find the instruction of
how to associate heading 6 to Appendix A ( I use heading 1-5 for chapters and
6-9 for appendices). Furthermore, although Shauna Kelly's articles are very
helpful, she does not update them for Word 2007, the interface of which is
changed dramatically. This makes me sometime lost in following the steps of
the article.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Although the dialog is arranged somewhat differently, the Define new
Multilevel list dialog in Word 2007 has pretty much the same features as the
Modify Outline Numbered List dialog in previous versions. When you click
More you'll see where to link the level to the style.

FWIW, here are Stefan Blom's instructions for this process in Word 2007:

The general principle remain the same in Word 2007: numbering should be
style-based for stability reasons. But the user interface is quite different
from that of previous versions; for example, you can no longer modify an
outline numbering scheme via the Modify Style dialog box of a paragraph

To edit an existing outline-numbered list: Place the insertion point in the
first top-level paragraph of the document (for example, in the first Heading
1 paragraph if this is heading numbering). On the Home tab, click Multilevel
List | Define New Multilevel List. This displays a dialog box similar to the
Customize Outline Numbered dialog box of previous versions (see for a
description of the options).

On the other hand, if you want to create a new outline-numbered list in Word
2007, you should set it up using list styles. On the Home tab, click
Multilevel List, and then click Define New List Style. In the Modify Style
dialog box, type a name for the list style. To define the numbering
properties, click the Format button, and then click Numbering; this displays
the Modify Multilevel List dialog box, where you can change the number
format, indentation, attached paragraph styles to the numbering levels, etc.

The list styles of the active document are displayed under "List Styles" at
Home tab | Multilevel List. You can click a style to apply it to text, but
if you've attached numbering to paragraph styles, you'll find it easier to
apply the appropriate paragraph style directly. To edit a list style,
right-click it and choose Modify from the context menu (this will take you
directly to the Modify Multilevel List dialog box).


I use heading 5 for appendix and now numbering (e.g. Appendix A, Appendix B)
caption with appendix number (e.g. Equation (A-1)) work fine. But the
appendix titles do not show in the table of content because TOC only show
titles of heading 1 to 3.
I've read the article
In point 6, it is explained:
6 Table of contents to include the Appendixes
To include your Appendix headings in the Table of Contents, place your
cursor where you want the Table of Contents. Choose Insert > Reference >
Index and Tables. Click Options.

However I cannot find these menu items in Word 2007, where are they in Word

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Everything is now on the References tab. The dialog, once opened (using
Insert Table of Contents...), is just the same as in previous versions. You
can either set the TOC to include 5 levels, or you can assign a specific
different level to the appendix style in the TOC Options dialog.


The idea for creating the new Appendix Figure caption is brilliant; however,
this will not work for me because I have to print my documents to PDF. when
I do this, Adobe automatically updates all my fields, which would return the
figure captions to saying Figure_Apx. Is this the only known method for
separating the captions? Why can't we just create a separate multilevel list?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

You can create a new caption label for figures, but you can't include the
"chapter number" unless that number comes from a numbered heading in one of
the built-in heading styles. Although you could conceivably have some of the
headings in one multilevel list and others in a separate one, you can't
change the outline level of the built-in heading styles, so you might as
well make them part of the same list.

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