Header 2 numbering in MS Word 2007



How to in MS Word 2007 set numbering style of subchapter including
number of chapter + dot + number of subchapter?
I tried to R-click "Heading 2", Modify, Format, Numbering, Define New
Number Format
and typed 1.1. Unfortunately it is always 1.something.independently of
number of chapter.
I need:
1. Chapter
2. Chapter
2.2 Sub-chapter
2.2.1 Sub-sub-chapter
I don't want:
1. Chapter
2. Chapter
1.2 Sub-chapter
1.1.1 Sub-sub-chapter

Stefan Blom

You need a multilevel list. In Word 2007, you can no longer set it up via
the Modify Style dialog box (unless you create a list style). The quickest
way to set up 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, ... numbering is to click the Multilevel List
button, on the Home tab, and then click the relevant built-in format,
attached to the built-in headings.

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