How do I number my chapters


Just Michael

I am using different headings for my book's Sections, Chapters, and
sub-sections (in that order). I would like to have my chapters numbered
automatically so that (a) they will update when I move chapters around, and
(b) I can link the chapter number to attached charts. The MS Help says "make
sure there are built-in heading styles applied to the item as that you want
to add captions to. Heading styles are available from the Formatting

However, I cannot find any instructions about WHICH built-in heading style
to use, nor anything about how to implement automatic chapter numbering in a

My Chapters also contain names.



Stefan Blom

It seems as if I'm reading your series of posts in the wrong order, starting
with the newest. :) In the future, you may want to add information as
*replies* in the same thread instead of starting new threads.


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