Adding Trailing Periods to a REF for a Chapter's Number



I would like to know how to add a trailing period to a chapter's number when used as part of a Cross Reference please?

For example, I have a chapter title in the style heading 1:

1. Introduction

When I refer to this using cross reference, I get a field code REF, by default something like:

{ REF _Ref764357287 \r \h }

What I will get would appear as:


What I want is to look like:


Eventually, it will appear as part of a sentence like:

Refer to Chapter 1. Introduction on page 3 of this booklet.

I attempted to look at the Microsoft Office Help for the field code REF at:

I am really looking for something like \n or \r, which permits with trailing periods.

Can you please advise me on what to do?

Stefan Blom

You can add a general switch to the cross-reference field after it has been
created, but it would be just as simple to type in the period when you need

If you want to try adding a so-called numeric picture switch, press Alt+F9
to reveal field codes. It will look similar to: { REF _Ref370582393 \n \h }.
Add \# "#." and update the field with F9.

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