Figure Captions



I am creating a template that has 3 sections. One for the Title Page and
Copyright Page, one for the TOC, and one for the body of the document. The
body of the document contains chapters. The Chapter #'s are based on the
heading 1 style so each additional chapter number correctly Chapter 1,
Chapter 2, etc. The page numbers from sequentially 1, 2, 3, etc. The figure
numbers use Word's built in facility and are based on the heading 1 style and
appear as Figure 1-# for chapter 1 figures and Figure 2-# for chapter 2
figures. The body of the document also includes appendices. The Appendix
numbers are based on Heading Style 9 which is similiar to heading 1 but
letters and appears as Appendix A, Appendix B, etc. The figure numbers for
the appendices should be Figure A-# for appendix A and Figure B-# for
appendix B. When I enter a figure caption in my appendix and tell it to be
based on Heading 9 I get what I would expect Figure A-#. But, the chapter
figure numbers are now also Figure A-# instead of Figure 1-# for chapter 1,
etc. How can I get both to work correctly Figure 1-# for my chapters and
Figure A-# for my appendices?

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