How to install .net compact framework and sql server ce and What type of files?



My device : TOSHIBA Pocket PC e740
Device processor : Intel (R) PXA250

My queries are

1. To install .net compact frame work and sql server ce, what files
should I install it from the following,


2. How to manually install these files ?

3. Is there any VB.NET sample code for installing thse file in any

Thanks in advance,



Darren Shaffer

you want to install the CAB files for the Compact Framework and SQL CE for
wce400\armv4. they are usually located at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
2003\CompactFrameworkSDK\v1.0.5000\Windows CE\wce400\armv4

and called:

You can't write VB.Net code to install them - you need the compact framework
to run your VB.Net code on device.
Just copy them to your device using File Explorer and click on them on
device to install. Or, if you write a VB.Net
smart device program using Visual Studio 2003 and add a reference to SQL CE,
they will both automatically be
placed on your device when you build and deploy your project to device.

Darren Shaffer
Principal Architect
Connected Innovation

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