SQL Mobile auto install on Pocket PC 2003


Harsh Trivedi


I am using SQL Mobile 2005 for storing data on device. My application is
targetting to Pocket PC 2003 SE and WM 5.0. I got the .cab files for
different processors for WM 5.0 from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual
Studio 8\SmartDevices\SDK\SQL Server\Mobile\v3.0\wce500.
Here I have found cab file that I can install on WM 5.0 but not for Pocket
PC 2003... or WCE 4.*

I have looked intoC:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
8\SmartDevices\SDK\SQL Server\Mobile\v2.0\wce400...but here I can see only
files for ARM not for intel [x86]. I have also try to run cab file having OS
Windows CE4.2....and Intel processor....but we know that ARM file don't work
on Intel.

Is there any way that , at the time of creating installer, [and installing
the application] it detects the OS , and processor and install the correct
version of SQL Mobile. [ie for OS : Windows CE 4.* and Windows Mobile 5.0] ,
like for installing .net cf 2.0 on thedevice, the redistributable msi is
doing the same....is there any msi /exe that detects and install correct cab
file on Pocket PC 2003? We have made the msi for WM 5, and looking for PPC
2003 solutions.

Thanks in advance


The x86 images were only provided for the older emulators (PC 2003 etc)
because they didn't emulate a true ARM processor as found in most devices.

The later emulators emulate true ARM.

You need to check what type of processor your CE device has.

In order to automatically decide which CAB file to deploy, you will need to
create a custom installer setup.dll and add this to your msi installation
project. See if this link helps:

Altenatively, you could look at InstallShields offering, they make this
process easier.

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