Newbie question...Where to start?...(Compact Framework, SQL Server CE)


forest demon

i just got a project thrown into my lap....develop client/server apps
for a device running WinCE.

i have the Compact Framework installed as well as SQL Server CE. i'm
developing under VS2005.

- diffs between emulation and the actual device(some of this is
- when working with a client database, where does the .sdf
- what SQL Server CE tools(query analysis, management, etc) to use?
- interaction between the client(SQL SE) and the server(whatever
DB) through ActiveSync, or what else?
......and a ton of other questions i imagine.

am i the only one that gets lost in the bowels of the Microsoft site?

thanks folks, i appreciate your patience and any input(book and url
references, etc)


Ginny Caughey [MVP]

That's a lot of questions! So I'll just tackle a few of them:

Usually it's easiest to put the sdf file in the same folder of the
emulator/device as your app. You can set up VS to automatically deploy the
sdf file along with your app for testing. I generally prefer to test on the
actual device if I have one as it's usually faster as well as closer to the
actual experience.

I like SQL Server Management Studio (or SQL Express Sp2 Management Studio)
for testing queries, etc., although you can also use Visual Studio for that.

You can use Activesync to connect to the server for syncing or some other
such as wireless - it just depends on your infrastructure. The actual
syncing can be done using web services, or in the case of SQL Server as the
server also RDA or merge replication. You can also just copy the sdf file to
the desktop and write a desktop app to do the syncing. Again, it depends on
your needs.

Everybody gets lost on Microsoft's huge site, and most of us use a search
engine like MSN or Google to find what we want. Start by looking for SQL
Server Compact Edition Books Online. Also check out for downloads, whitepapers, tutorials and


Everybody gets lost on Microsoft's huge site, and most of us use a searchI second this, Better use word "newbie" and do a google group search

you will get lots of threads discussed the topics helping newbie and
few will
really help you to start with.

I always feel MSDN is the best book for this,
You can download SQL Mobile books online in this link,

There is an interesting web cast rather many webcast explaining SQL
Mobile, one in that

Darren Shaffer's Blog

Hope this helps,

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