Questions about SQL 2000 CE



I am new to the compact framework and have some questions regarding
connecting a pocket PC application to a SQL CE database.

I have SQL 2000 and its tools installed on my machine and I installed SQL
2000 Desktop tools. Initially, when I attempted to install both the client
and server tools, I received an error:

"SQL Server CE Server Tools is compatible only with SQL Server 2000 Service
Pack 1 and higher. When you install SQL Server CE Server Tools on a computer
running both IIS and SQL Server 2000, ensure the installer for SQL Server CE
Server Tools corresponds to the version of SQL Server 2000."

I'm not quite sure what this error means, but I went back and only installed
the developer tools and did not receive the error.

Anyway, my questions are rather general.
1. If I create a database through SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager, is there
anything special I need to do so that it will be a CE database or does CE
just see the database as a database?
2. I have a connection string that errors out because it says there is
'Unknown connection option in connection string: Initial Catalog". I am
pointing to Northwind. Not sure if CE can't use this option or not.
3. How do you deploy a CE database to the pocket pc device?

Thanks for any help.



Well, I think I have figured out most of my issues. I found that I had to
create my database within the code.

So my question is, on the development machine, if I create a file named
test.sdf...where is this file so I can deploy it with my app?



Hi STom,

There is no way to create an 'SDF' file other than on a PPC/CE device, well
may be not quite true since I think there are some third party tools that
will do this for you, but have not seen/heard much about them so I wouldn't
get your hopes up.



Try looking at the System.Data.SqlServerCE.SqlCeEngine class, in particular the .CreateDatabase() method


That namespace is only available for PPC/CE project types, not for desktop


Lawrence Anstey said:
Try looking at the System.Data.SqlServerCE.SqlCeEngine class, in
particular the .CreateDatabase() method

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