How to image RAID0 array




I've recently configured my system as follows:
WIN XP Pro SP1, Office, SQL, etc etc
Promise TX2000 with 2 identical WD 120Gb drives configured as Raid0
(striping) 240G volume;

I partitionned using PartitionMagic (before installing Windows) as:
C:\ 15 GB primary active (system, program files, ...) NTFS,
D:\ 200 Gb logical (data) NTFS;

During installation, Windows correctly detected the C:\ and D:\ partitions;
So far, works great, and striping is indeed 'faster'.

I wish to image C:\ so that I can easily revert to it if need be (ie. nearly
For D:\, regular backups (schedules of full, and differentials) will be

I am having trouble finding the right software product to produce an image
of C:\.

Norton Ghost 2002:
The Norton Ghost documentation clearly states this is not a supported
feature of their product. Some posts on the net indicate that it CAN work
So I booted the floppy. Ghost correctly sees the array as C:\ 15 Gb, and
D:\ 200 Gb.
I can select C:\ to be imaged; but the program hangs (stops responding
completely) on the screen where one indicates where to place the image.

Acronis TrueImage:
It creates an image of C:\ just fine (from Windows only, however);
When booting from 'Emergency boot disk' however, TrueImage sees the TWO
physical hard drives, one 15 Gb partition on the first, and the rest as
unallocated space. It does not see the array as two partitions. It does
not see the D:\ 200 Gb partition. It does not see any data on the second
TrueImage (emergency disk) also complains of .... 'errors in the partition'
..... (sorry, I did not note the exact phrasing of the message)

I've looked and looked on the net, and I find it hard to believe that there
may not be a 'clean' solution to this at all. Raid has been around for
decades, after tall!

Where should I look?
What am I doing wrong?
Should I have let Windows installation build the partitions instead?



Jo Bo

I've got the same TX2000 raid 0 setup but with 80 gig drives. Partition
magic may be your problem. Try Drive image, I use drive image 2002 but not
partition magic, it's by the some company and it even comes with a "demo"
version of partition magic to make a partition just for imags if you want.

Jo Bo

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