Repartition a Raid 1 drive


Ira Shapiro

I posted this earlier and can't find the post, so I'm assuming something went
wrong. Sorry if a duplicate appears.

Dell PowerEdge 830 has 2 80GB SATA drives in RAID 1 configuration using
built-in Adaptec CERC RAID controller. There are 2 partitions, C (12GB) and
D (68GB). Windows Server 2003 is on C:, Data on D:. C drive is low on
space. I want to take some of the D partition and give it to C because D has
lots of free space and will likely remain that way.

Is there a way to repartition using the Dell OpenManage and built-in RAID
utilities or is it better to use a product like Acronis Disk Director? I do
not want to reformat and reload the OS. I certainly will backup data on an
external drive.

If not a server, I'd Ghost the C drive and then rebuild the array with the
new partition sizes and restore the image, but I believe Ghost doesn't work
on Windows Server 2003.

I haven't used Acronis but see that others have said it works well. Has
anyone used it for the purpose I described?

Any ideas are appreciated.

Thanks, Ira Shapiro


I've used both Partition Magic & Acronis to amend partions on raid 1 with no
Using server you need to ensure you use an app that caters for server, not
all do

I've no experience of Dell OpenManage.

Ira Shapiro

Well, it appears you are right! I apologize. I thought I was posting in an
overall "hardware" group and didn't realize I was in Windows XP/hardware.
I'll repost.

Andrew E.

Thier is no C: & D: drive in a RAID set..Also,depending on the hds,most hd
MS-DOS hd utilities from its mfg can re-set partitions..

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