How to Have Include Field in a Text Control?

Dec 25, 2011
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How to Have Value of a Text Control come from a Field?

I have users put data into a protected form source file, Source.doc. It is a protected form file so I can use Text controls. I have other fields I don't want them to see, but I want to use their data, so I created a second file, Target.doc. To make it easy for me to use, I want Target.doc to also be a form file (i.e. I have protection turned on) so I can tab from field to field. The problem I'm having is how to get the data from Source.doc into the Text controls in Source.doc? I've tried to use an IncludeText field or a Set Field and then a Ref Field in the Text Control, but those doesn't seem to work at all. (I know I can use an IncludeText field outside a Text control using the bookmark name and \! switch, but then I can't easily tab around and protect the rest of the other text from being edited. Likewise for using the Set Field)

Is there any solution to this?'

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