IncludeText and Form Fields question


Bob W

I'm trying to use text form fields in a source.doc to prompt users to fill in
certain info, then have that info auto-populate to a target.doc via

I've embedded all the text form fields in the source.doc, and given their
bookmarks meaningful names.

I've gone into target.doc and inserted IncludeText fields, using correct
syntax(IncludeText "source.doc" bookmarkname).

Both the source.doc and the target.doc are in the same folder.

I've opened the source.doc and typed desired text into all the text form

Neither the source.doc nor the target.doc is locked.

However, when I open the target.doc, its IncludeText fields refuse to
update. Why?



Stefan Blom

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do, but note that when you
add contents to a text form field that is not in a protected document, the
field will be deleted, which might explain why the INCLUDETEXT isn't working.
I think you have to try a different approach. See the article at for ways to repeat data in Word.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

A better approach to this might be a UserForm to collect the data and write
it to the defined bookmarks, retaining the bookmarks, so that the text can
then be harvested via IncludeText. But why bother? Why not just have a
UserForm in the target doc to collect the data and write it directly to that

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