How to do a diskmgmt.msc "initialize disk" in diskpart ?



I have new hard drive, I use diskmgmt to to an "Initialize" and then I do a
partition to use the drive. I now have to do this a lot and want to script
it to do this.

I am using diskpart to do what diskmgmt GUI does but they don't map well.

I need to be able to do what diskmgmt GUI does when it does an "Initialize
disk". How do I do this ? Some googlin pointed to doing a rescan. Rescan
seems to run and look for drives but it does not do what the GUI does which
is to take the disk from unknown to being a "basic" drive so I can then
partition it and use it.



Andrew E.

For scripts,go to:
At TechNet,locate the script center,try the library as a script might
already be
made for that.Also,try youre hd mfg web page,locate the MS-DOS hd utility,
download to a formatted MS-DOS floppy,boot pc to floppy,most of these
let you format & partition(s) the hd as you like.....


I think u do not have any option for initializing disk in diskpart.

U can try this

1.sel disk 1
now disk 1 shows " Not initialized"
3.create par ext
4.del par

Now ur disk will show as "online"


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