How to auto reconnect to UNIX upon login



I have searched and searched and the only thing I can find is about the
Manage Passwords under the user Accounts in Control Panel to do what I want
but it doesn't work. So here I am.
We have two Windows XP Pro users that are needing to auto connect to a SCO
UNIX server share everytime they login. We mapped the drive, told it to
reconnect at logon, and gave it the different credentials of root and the
password for root. It doesn't reconnect.
We then added the \\192.168.x.x\share for the server in the manage passwords
area and gave it the user of \\192.168.x.x\root and the password. It doesn't
auto reconnect. We tried without the \\. We tried just the IP address. We
tried the
Is there a way to get this to work automatically? If not, is there a way to
have the Z drive we are mapping for them automatically "open" so they are
prompted first thing when they login, so they can go ahead and enter their
credentials to make the connection?
Now what they are doing is having to open My Computer and double-click the Z
drive and then wait for the prompt and then enter the root and password each
time they login. Sometimes the forget and the other times they complain about
having to do that. Automatically would be way better.



Admiral Q

Check into setting up the SAMBA daemon, creating SAMBA shares that map like
Windows shares and can be used in login scripts or can autoconnection upon

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