How to apply master slide to existing slides in PowerPoint (Office2004, Mac)



Hi - I hope somebody can help - I've been going crazy trying to apply
a master slide to existing slides in a presentation. This is
PowerPoint in Office 2004 (Mac OS X).

What I've done is add a text box containing navigation links above the
title area in the slide master (blank presentation). If I create new
slides, the text box in the master slide appears. But for the life of
me I can't get the master slide elements to show up in the existing

PowerPoint built-in Help seems to say just (1) select the slides in
sorter view, (2) view the master slide and (3) click "close."

But that doesn't seem to do anything at all.

I could probably recreate all the slides one-by-one as new slides by
copying items from the old slides to new slides. But I am hoping there
is something dumb I am overlooking.

Any suggestions?




I figured it out. It was in Format > Slide Layout.

In the slide sorter I selected all the slides, chose a blank layout
and did "reapply." That worked.



Lucy Thomson


Really glad to hear you got it sorted out. Just for future reference, you
landed in amongst PC users so if you have more questions/problems you are
probably better off heading over to the Mac group:
Mac discussion groups


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