Slide that isn't in slide master



Hi there,

I'm using PowerPoint2003 and it's someone else's template so I don't know
what the person did originally.

There are two slides in the slide master - the main title slide and a bullet
point slide. However, several different slide options have been provided in
the presentation itself. Some include charts with text and others include
pictures with text. One in particular has a different colour background
(bright blue).

The bright blue slide is meant to be used as a section divider (speaker 1,
speaker 2, etc). However, they have only provided 2 of these slides and I
have 4 speakers. I've tried to copy the slide and paste it in but it comes
in with the same background as the normal slides - white. The weird thing is
that it doesn't use the bullet point slide template from the slide master.
I've tried changing the background of the new slide that's pasted in but the
slide just flickers and goes back to the white background. The weird thing
is that when I change the background of the bright blue slide to white it
works! When I click on the bright blue slide and tell the background to
apply to all it works on all of them! But when I click on any of the white
slides and tell it to change to bright blue they all just flicker and stay
white! If I change the bright blue slide to a white background then I can't
change it back!

I've checked that the slide masters aren't a bright blue background with a
white image over top. The only way I can get more of this slide into the
presentation is by saving the presentation as a new name and inserting slides
from the new file (keeping the original formatting).

Please help me figure out what's happening???


John Wilson

I think I would create a second master that was blue but you might also like
to try duplicating theselected blue slides. IIRC in 2002 that was ctrl D or
INSERT > Duplicate Slide

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