How do I undue a cross-reference?



I cross referenced my footnotes and I found out after the fact that each
footnote needs to have its own number w/ info. Is there any way I undue my
cross references without screwing up or manually reentering the entire


Hi LostMyMind,

Perhaps you could provide some more detail, like:
How do the footnote references appear in the body of the document; and
How and where do the actual footnotes appear?

For example:
The quick brown fox [1] jumps over the lazy dog.

Then, at the bottom of the page:
[1] Species: Vulpes vulpes

Peter T. Daniels

Do you mean that you're not allowed to use the same footnote more than
once (the way they do it in the journal *Science*, but have to repeat
the reference in a new footnote?

Just Insert Footnote where the cross reference is, copy the
information from the old footnote, and delete the cross reference.
(Select it and press either Backspace or Delete.)

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