Updating cross-reference to footnote



I'm now trying to use Word 2007. I write documents with lots of footnotes.
Some of them refer to other footnotes. For instance, a footnote might say,
"See supra note 27." I try to do this with Cross-reference, which claims
that "Cross-references are automatically updated if the content is moved to
another location." This is flatly untrue in Word 2000, Word 2003 and Word
2007 -- the cross-references are NOT automatically updated if additional
footnotes are inserted, so the referenced footnote has a different number.

I learned somewhere (certainly not from the Help function in Word 2007,
which generates dozens of irrelevant links to form letters, etc.) that alt-F9
should update the cross-references. Although it looks as if it is doing
this, in fact it does not update the cross-referenced footnote numbers.
Pressing alt-F9 once produces a code and pressing it a second time produces
THE SAME OLD FOOTNOTE NUMBER, not the new footnote number. Word 2000 and
Word 2003 have the same problem.

Is there a way to make the footnote cross-references work correctly? (Or do
I have to go back to WordPerfect, where the footnote cross-references have
worked correctly since 1984?)

Daiya Mitchell

Just a plain F9 should update fields, including cross-references. I
think you'll want to Select All first. Alt-F9 just toggles between field
result and field code view, as you found. Not sure if the "about
fields" Help is incorrect or just easy to misunderstand, but the
commands haven't changed for many versions.

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