How do I Show Account history on PDA


John Creech

I have all my Business Contacts linked to Accounts. I log all my business
history items (phone logs, notes, meetings and files) with the Account
instead of the Business Contact. When I bring up BCM on the Pocket PC, the
Accounts view does not show any account details except a list of contacts
linked to that account.
It seems the only way to get the history details is to link them to the
Business Contact also; then the details show in the Business Contact History
tab on the Pocket PC. The problem this leaves me with is that if I list all
my history items with the Business contact, then I lose the association with
the Account if that Business Contact leaves the company (Account). If I link
the history item to both the Business Contact AND the Account, then all my
Business History reports show double entries on every item, (one for each
Is there a way to:
a) hide the duplicates on the Business History report, OR
b) get the Pocket PC version of BCM to show Business Histories linked to

Theodore Tremper

John, sorry I don't have a solution, but it seems you have gotten abit
than I.
Once I sync'd the devise, the Pocket PC does not give me an "Account" view,
only a "name" view which displays all my contacts with history, but I am at
a loss to which "Account" they are associated with.
My output from "Company" listing view, displays only a few odd records.
I found it interesting that your Pocket PC displayed all your accounts.
Thank you Ted

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