How do I get a section break (not a page break) as part of a style



I want to define a style in Word 2002 (e.g. "Header 1") which includes a
"section break before" rather than a "page break before". In the "modify
Style" window you can go to "format" and then "paragraph" and then "Line and
Page Breaks". Here there is an option to toggle on/off "Page break before".
There doesn't seem to be anywhere that lets you select to have a "section
break before". Any ideas?

Stefan Blom

You are correct: you cannot store a section break in a style.

What you can do is save a section break as an AutoText entry and insert it
as needed, but note that a section break stores the properties of the
preceding section, which could lead to confusion (changed margins, headers
and footers, etc.).

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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