How do I fix "prop bitmap dll not loaded"?



I click to print an email and receive "prop bitmap not loaded". I click on
ok, then the email prints. It never used to do this... can anyone assist?
Please let me know. Thanks!

K. Orland

This is a printer issue, not an Outlook issue. Have you installed the latest
drivers for your printer?

Brian Tillman [MVP - Outlook]

Now, this might sound like an Outlook problem, except that it only
happens with this Lexmark printer. No other printer in our office, and
we use several HP's, Epsons, and Brothers. I am not sure where to point
the finger any longer. I just need some good guidance.

There have been many instances of Lexmark printers evincing this issue. If
you Google that error, in the majority of cases, the web site found will
mention either "Lexmark" or "Dell". Many of Dell's printers are rebranded

Start Outlook in safe mode (hold Ctrl when you start Outlook) and see if that
makes any difference.

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